FuturArc Prize 2014 + FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2014

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1) FuturArc Prize 2014 | Water and the City
The brief for FuturArc Prize 2014 calls for a new vision of water in the city. At the building scale this may take the form of new typologies for sourcing, storage and recycling; or it may call a rethink of existing typologies such as homes and offices. At the urban scale, it might manifest itself through new networks or infrastructure that deal with flows and loops. The goal is in part sufficiency (therefore survival); it is also the well-being of settlements and the ecological systems that we depend on. Each entry shall make a case for how the proposal, through replicability, represents a strategic idea for a sustainable Asian city. Site selection is at the entrant’s discretion and should be explained clearly in the submission. Only sites in Asia and Australia will be accepted.FuturArc Prize is open to both Students and Professionals.
Cash prizes include:
Professional Student
First Place: S$15,000 First Place: S$5,000
Second Place: S$8,000 Second Place: S$3,000
Third Place: S$4,000 Third Place: S$2,000
2) FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2014 | Social-inclusive Development as New Category
The project – defined as new, restored, rehabilitated or converted – must have been completed before 31st December 2013. The project must be located within Asia and Australia.
This year entries are invited in 6 categories: 1) Residential – Individual Houses; 2) Residential – Multiple Houses; 3) Commercial; 4) Institutional; 5) Interior; 6) Socially-Inclusive Development* [This is a new category that recognises developments with a strong social agenda and stakeholder engagement. The programme of the said development can be any of the preceding 5 categories (items 1 to 5 above) or a combination of the same.]FuturArc Green Leadership Award is open to Professionals.
Closing date for both competitions: 20th December 2013.
Visit http://www.futurarc.com/prize2014 and http://www.futurarc.com/greenleadershipaward2014 for more details on the competitions, prizes, registration and submission. 
Registration and submission of entries are free.

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